Charlotte has developed these cards with Michelle Lucas (, an Accredited Master Coach & Supervisor and author of numerous coaching books. Using Charlotte’s images they have developed two coaching packs called Liminal Muse Conversation Cards

These cards are totally flexible and can be used with individuals, groups or during workshops. The only limit is your imagination. See here for ideas on how to use them

The cards are double-sided, with different styles of images on each side as a muse to help reflection. This encourages a creative, less thought-driven and richer conversation with your clients. Choose from two editions each with 38 images and an instruction card. 

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To buy a set of Liminal Muse Conversation Cards for £20 + P&P, please contact Buy both editions and we’ll give you a 15% reduction (£34 plus P&P). 

Feedback on the cards

“I recognise I have a preference for thinking and logic rather than feeling and creativity. Practicing with the cards reminds me that I can inhabit the opposite of my preferences and choose alternative approaches. Something I know I try to help my clients to do. Just having the cards in my bag is an invitation for me to offer clients an alternative way.” Liz McGivern, Executive Coach March 2020

“The cards are an immediate invitation to land in the space and connect with others through images. I am impressed with the care taken designing the cards, paying attention to the size and shape. When trying them out with a client I was struck by how easily the images shifted them from a place of stuckness and ‘away from’ to a place of ‘towards’ and curiosity. I can’t wait to use them again.” Georgie Goddard, Heath and Wellbeing coach

Coachee feedback: “Choosing the cards I did, helped me find the vocabulary to unpack my feelings.” 

“[The cards]…help the fluidity, the ordering of emotions versus a jumble and not being able previously to find the words to express this coherently.”

“It’s amazing to be able to visualise my feelings.”

“I realised I was stuck but now I see I have choices, I can see my reflections coming to life through the pictures. My emotions must have been deep down in my subconscious but the pictures have brought these feeling to my attention and help separate the facts from the feelings.”

The cards offer a vehicle for articulating underlying feelings in a context of the story I’m telling. The more I thought about it the more sense it made to me.”

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