Charlotte Housden

Generic_K1000_1_of_5__43858.1533918092Ever since Charlotte was twelve she has been messing about with cameras.

Her first one was a Pentax K1000, a really basic model, but one of the most popular in the 70’s and 80’s.

Charlotte has upgraded her kit since then, but still likes her photography to be relaxed and simple, focusing on clean lines and natural light where possible.

She enjoys working with adults and finds kids a dream – they play and she just joins in – and she is as happy exploring the streets to capture cityscapes, as the countryside for her landscapes. Her corporate works focuses on business portraits, workshops, conferences and events.

Charlotte contributed to the Dark Waters project, an exhibition for RIBA London. She photographed buildings of architectural significance for the Dark Waters map of the Thames – listed and modern buildings, including many RIBA award winners.


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