Feedback on Liminal Muse Conversation Cards

In person workshop attendees (professional coaches and facilitators), February 2020

“Charlotte’s workshop was engaging, thought provoking and timely – hugely enjoyable. The practical sessions demonstrated how important images are in releasing the most deeply rooted issues we hold within us.  Using the cards allowed me to express ‘baggage’ I didn’t know I was holding and it was joyous to use them to coach others and to see how they liberated thought, feeling and creativity.  I would recommend these workshops and look forward to using the Liminal Muse cards in my own coaching.”

“I really like to use images and your cards were great – super photos and nice size for the 1:1 work so we could hold several and shuffle through. You brought the true essence of our approach with your enquiry and flexing of the session for your own learning too. It created quite a different tone and therefore I think a different opportunity for our learning too.”

Nice to hold, nice to look at, these cards quickly draw out insights. I noticed the shape and size – they’re compact with rounded edges and a solid feel – making them easy to hold in a set of three. The images are high quality, often difficult to identify anything concrete or nameable, and the colour/image combinations are distinct and eye catching. In the hands of a skilful coach asking insightful questions the process is productive and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to using them with clients for metaphor, storytelling or development needs.

Workshop attendees, October 2019
“I really liked the variety of images and how differently they could be interpreted. I enjoyed working with them.”
“A good tool to encourage clients to explore their own thoughts and feelings.” 
“They are very creative as not all of them are obvious and are open to individual interpretation. Being double-sided forces you to engage and pick them up and look.”

Workshop attendees, June 2019
“These are a great idea and I cannot wait to use the cards in my coaching.”
This is a great introduction warm-up exercise to get people talking.”
“The cards are thought provoking and prompted interesting conversations that wouldn’t have happened without them.”