How to use the cards to focus on strengths, weaknesses and development needs

This exercise can be used in coaching or when facilitating groups. If working with groups assign participants into pairs – one as a coachee, one a coach. 

  • Ask your coachee to pick out card that sums up a strength they’re proud of, another one that sums up a weakness that they don’t want/need to work on. Ask them to pick a third card that sums up a development need they want to improve. Suggest they don’t think too much about which cards to choose, but to just go with their instinct. 
  • Ask your coachee to take you through the each of the cards they have picked – the strength, the weakness and the development need. You could ask them: “why these cards jumped out at you? What they represent to you? How do you feel about them all?”
  • What did you observe about the way your coachee picked the cards? Ask them questions and probe the difference between the three cards. It may be useful to focus on the difference between the weakness vs. the development need. What themes did you hear? What story is coachee telling you about themselves?
  • It might be useful to discuss how this exercise progressed. You could ask them: What did you enjoy/not enjoy. What was expected/unexpected for you? How did it feel to use the cards for storytelling?

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