How to use the cards when working with Metaphors

This exercise can be used in coaching or when facilitating groups. If working with groups assign participants into pairs – one as a coachee, one a coach. 

  • Ask your coachee to think of a dilemma/issue that they are trying to solve. Direct them to pick three cards that sum this situation up. Suggest that they don’t try to think about it, but just to choose the images that feel right.
  • You could prompt them by asking some of the following questions: “Why did you pick these images? What was it about the cards that spoke to you? What comes to mind when you look at these images? What story or metaphor do they suggest? How do these images apply to the dilemma or issue you’re trying to solve?”
  • Watch how your coachee picks the cards. What do they say or do? Listen to their explanations – what messages are you getting? Help them to work through their metaphors and what they mean. Discuss how the metaphor might provide a different viewpoint when thinking about their dilemma or challenge.
  • It might be useful to discuss how this exercise progressed. You could ask them: What did you enjoy/not enjoy. What was expected/unexpected for you? How did it feel to use the cards whilst discussing metaphors? 

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