How to use the cards when working with Storytelling

This exercise can be used in coaching or when facilitating groups. If working with groups assign participants into pairs – one as a coachee, one a coach. 

  • Ask your coachee to think of a dilemma/issue that they are trying to solve. Direct them to pick three – four cards that sum this situation up. Suggest they don’t try to think about it, but go with their instinct. 
  • Ask your coachee to put their cards into an order. Again going with their instinct and not thinking too much. Ask them “what story do you see in the cards you chose?”
  • Watch how your coachee picks their cards. Listen carefully to the story they tell. What patterns do you see or hear? Probe the relationship between the cards/story and the coachee’s world. Work with them to identify any significance this might have to them. 
  • It might be useful to discuss how this exercise progressed. You could ask them: What did you enjoy/not enjoy. What was expected/unexpected for you? How did it feel to use the cards for storytelling?

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