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Welcome to Spoon by Spoon

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Who am I?

Hi I’m Charlotte.

I’m an Occupational Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist. I’m also a photographer and writer. For years my creativity withered away as work took centre stage. I rarely found the energy to be creative (except re-arranging my sock drawer).  But in 2020 with my husband being ill and a growing feeling that work didn’t fit me any more, I quit my job.

Then the Coronavirus hit. What a time to set up on your own. But here I am, like many people making my way in the world. A tiny gnat in a giant hurricane. 

Spoon by Spoon interviews:

I started a project in 2019 interviewing 100 people going through career and life change. I asked them how they lost themselves, little by little, to work, relationships or life.

We all make choices (or let others make them for us) that slowly take us away from what we’re good at, what we enjoy or what makes us well. Bit by bit we let go. But my interviewees noticed this drift and started re-focusing on things that made them healthier and happier. 

Spoon by Spoon blog:

I also write a weekly blog pulling out the themes, sharing how these folk have learned to cope and are now starting to thrive. Find out how they’re doing it by reading my blogs here.

Contact me if you would like to read my blog as they are published.

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